Mwahaha it’s me again.  (I think I should start all my posts like that from now on).

I just finished two amazing books.

Like really really amazing books.  Namely: G.K. Chesterton‘s Manalive and Orthodoxy.


Once I had re-read each book a few times to let them penetrate my rather thick skull, I was blown away.  I mean, I was prepared to be ‘wow-ed’ but I was in no way prepared for this.  They are – as my mom puts it – “heavy reading, not the kind of thing you can digest easily if all you’ve been reading is Harry Potter or something.”  Insanely heavy.  Makes ya think.  Like really think.  Hard.  Extremely hard.  About as bad as Charles Dickens, but these books were – to me at least – a lot more fun.  So, you have heard my analysis.  Now how about I attempt to explain why I love them so much?  Of course, these next few posts may be completely abysmal and will most definitely not give due justice to these books.  That said, I shall do my best. . .


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