No, this is not exactly a Random of The Day, but I figure as long as I post at least once a day it counts.

I have decided to name this project Blindsider due to the fact that (a.) Nobody will be expecting a regular looking person (like myself) to be ambidextrous in an Ultimate game or something, ergo, they shall be blind-sided by my soon to be gained abilities!  And (b.) because it sounds pretty freakishly awesome.

Today, I tried toothbrushing and eating with my left hand.  Toothbrushing took a while, I’ve got to work on that, but eating went pretty well, although I mixed up hands every once in a while.  Handwriting is marginally improving, although I do need to work on smoothing the strokes a bit.  Spacing is getting a bit easier to gauge, but I’m still having trouble writing my signature upside down.  I really should practice more than once a day, but I keep forgetting until around 2300.  Ah well, I’m reasonably happy, but I still wish I could find time to practice throwing my disc and stuff.

– Paco

P.S. The “Right side up” and “Upside Down” captions were written with my RIGHT hand, not my left.


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