I suppose that I haven’t been keeping up with my random for the days as much as I would like (blame school haha), so maybe I will start doing this on Saturdays instead of everyday.   That might work better. . .

On a fun note, I rearranged my desk (which is now officially *MY* desk).  I now have a much more intuitive dual-monitor setup.  Before, I could only use half of the desk, so I pretty much had to rest my elbows on air.


So yea, very pleased with my new setup, it’s a lot less cluttered – especially since mom made me put away all my stuff – and let’s face it, dual monitors are just cool.  Granted, it’s not everybody’s dream, but it works for me =).

So, Elementary OS, sounds pretty cool eh?  I personally cannot wait for Luna, even though it sounds like it’s going to be pushed to April 2012 according to OmgUbuntu [link here].  The countdown website for Oneiric Ocelot ( thisisthecountdown.com )is really impressive.  I’ve got a feeling that the Canonical is definitely trying to get the word out about 11.10.  Anyways, on the topic of Ubuntu, I’m seriously considering doing a 64 bit install sometime soon.  That would be epic.

For games, Desura looks AMAZING.  I heard about it a few weeks ago, but I just took a look at the website today after reading about Nexuiz successor Xonotic.

I’m definitely interested in this project, and hey, I’m already looking for good games =D.  I’ve been playing Civilization V for a few weeks now, and I guess it’s fun, but it is a pretty slow-moving game and one really does invest a lot in that game emotionally (it’s so heartbreaking when your fifth city is captured ='( ).

I have been doing a lot of random things for Project Blindsider, like brushing my teeth lefty (getting better!) and throwing stuff around lefty.  I’m getting better at throwing a disc and my catching isn’t too bad.  I wouldn’t say that I’m ambidextrous yet, but I’m working on it.

I really need to get out that post about 11.10 Beta soon, otherwise it won’t be a Beta anymore!


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