It’s been a week to the day since the end of Credo. . .

Looking back, this week has been a really good one.  My brother and I had a big fight soon after we got back, but we haven’t had any serious arguments since then, and on a whole, I believe our relationship has improved since Credo.  Credo has always been one of the biggest highlights of my year ever since my first in 2009.  One reason it’s so fulfilling is it’s very encouraging and uplifting to see so many other people your age as excited and alive and on fire for their faith as you are.  One of the things that I’ve always enjoyed is the fact that I see so many people I know, who are there for the same reasons.   I have been privileged to spend Credo with some of the coolest homeschoolers I know, and the opportunity to meet many other people.  One of them calls me her “retreat buddy” due to the fact that we pretty much only see each other at retreats such as this one.  Adoration on Saturday night is always amazing.  It’s incredibly hard to sum up the experience, and I will not, lest I fail to do justice to it.  For myself, it was simply a experience of incredible joy, awe, and contentedness.  It’s also beautiful to see how much of other people is revealed.  One of my best friends is remarkably empathetic, which I am not the best at, and her willingness to help comfort others who had been overcome made me appreciate it even more.  Credo is amazing, and it had, has, and will continue to change my life.  Hmmm, this is an insane paragraph, so forgive any run-on sentences etc. but I don’t really want to have to change it, so I’ll just leave it haha.

I had a thought in the car today: wouldn’t it be easier if God just whacked us over the head with a baseball bat, and told us, “This is your vocation, here is what you need to do what you need to do, now go and I’ll see you in a few years!” But seriously, wouldn’t that be so much easier? And then I realized, if that happened, one would always wonder what another vocation would be like, or whether one would be happier doing something else.  That’s why we have free will, so that we make the choice, we make the decision, and we are the ones who live it out.  I don’t know, it just struck me while my dad and I were driving home.

FRESH tonight was about prayer, I particularly enjoyed the Examen, which is an ancient Catholic prayer focused on finding God through looking back on one’s day.  I also got to take a walk outside and the sunset was just beautiful.

ANYWAYS, on the daily update side, I have been constructing a shield out of PALLETS

Anyways, all I really have to do now is cut it, sand it, treat it, put the parts together, paint it, put on straps and handles, and then use it.  It’s a pretty straightforward process.

Last thing, my Dad, brother and I are going on the Catholic Scout Retreat this coming weekend, so my Dad and I put up our ancient and huge Coleman tent from about seven years ago:

Playing Risk last night with the fam was a ton of fun as well, even though I was ignominiously defeated. . .

Ok, I’d better get to sleep now, URGHHHH, Monday tomorrow.


– Paco


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