Looking back, this week has actually not been too bad.  The week was busy, but the weekend really made up for it.

  • Monday brought a really amazing Troop Meeting, and one of our senior scouts did an outstanding job leading the troop in team-building activities.
  • On Thursday, I got word that my final design for my Eagle Project was almost ready to go.  Hearing this after so many delays was really encouraging.
  • Friday brought the start of National Leadership Seminar, which was truly amazing.  I won’t give out details, but NLS was simply powerful.  It also helped that the last night, my chapter/cabin mates and I bought some pizza and sprite, brought it back to our cabin, and had a ton of fun discussing martial arts and weapons, watching a ton of youtube movies on one guy’s Android (ASDF MOVIE) and making insane jumps from top bunk to top bunk.
  • Sunday morning brought the conclusion of NLS, but with new challenges.  Mass at St. Susanna’s was interesting, although the singing style seemed more suited to a concert setting than a church setting.  FRESH was awesome as always, and people actually played Shwa with me!
  • I installed three OS’s onto my computer within twenty four hours, which is really a new record for me (Reinstall of Windows 7 32 bit, new install of Elementary OS Jupiter 64 bit, and install of Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot 64 bit.).
  • I also got my fortunes into my Oneiric terminal!  It’s awesome because it looks like my Katya terminal now.  Will post about this more in depth later.

I really must be tired though, because I attempted to open a door for my mom, but it turned out to be locked which left me tugging at a door that wouldn’t open.  I also decided that it would be necessary to walk three of my friends back to a building that was standing twenty feet away.  Talk about a fail.  And yes, I admit it.  In my defence, I am sleepy.  Maybe I should go to sleep now.  That’s a very good idea.  Good night.

– Paco


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