Personal achievements:

  • Wow, I have successfully bricked my first hard drive! Not so cool is the fact that it was the laptop’s that has now been rendered useless for all intents and purposes.  I’ve been trying to boot from CD, USB, etc. but no luck.  I keep getting a kernel panic after trying to run anything.  I’ll keep trying, except the SATA to USB adapter that I just bought is also pretty useless in solving this problem.  I’ll post again when I find a fix.
  • I have successfully installed Oneiric Ocelot AND Windows 8 dev preview on our ancient (6 year old) Dimension 8400.  Truly amazing what adding in a mere 2 gigabytes of RAM can do to speed things up.
  • I have created a client bridge with our old Linksys WRT54G v8 router.  I installed the dd-wrt software and had so much fun flashing my first electronic item.  I will post about this some other time detailing my experience, especially since I had some trouble understanding all the directions myself.  This means that I can now connect our ancient Dimension 8400 (as well as my school computer) to our wireless network via aforementioned client bridge and ethernet cables without having to waste a ton of cash on wireless adapters! Hurray!
  • Now I can spend all my cash on important things like a new Western Digital Scorpio Black or an Italian Long Sword! I mean, c’mon, they are the most drool-worthy items I have seen to date – that I will actually use/can quasi-afford.

In the Linux world:

    • LINUX MINT 12: me = OHHECKYESSSSSS.  Clem made his much anticipated blog post yesterday with a screenshot of a mintified Gnome Shell, which I personally cannot wait to get my mouse on.  Mate sounds interesting, but I like Gnome Shell, and will definitely be using it as my default desktop environment.  Check out the official announcement here.
    • Linux Mint also seems to be topping the charts at Distrowatch, which is really awesome.  Linux Mint has always been about serving the needs of the users, and Lisa will be no exception.  Here’s a screenshot of the charts as of today:
    • I hear that the Ubuntu devs are working on better multi-monitor support, which sounds awesome to me.  Here’s a mockup:

However, this is only a mockup, from what I understand, it’s just Windows 7 running a customized shell.  Notwithstanding, this will be awesome if and when it becomes a reality.


  • Le Basement is getting cleaner, mwahahahahahahaha.  I can already see new uses for a wireless client bridge in a clean basement devoid of hard connections.
  • Awesome newly discovered artists of the week? Melee, Seabird, Jaymes Reunion and the Afters. FOR THE WIN.

I’m testing out the “Publish: when” thing for the first time, so hopefully, this will be posted tomorrow at 0800 Eastern XD

– Paco


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