If you’re experiencing a rather annoying phenomenon of duplicate application menu entries in Gnome Shell, here’s how to fix it:

  • Install Alacarte Menu Editor by running “sudo apt-get install alacarte” (without the quotes)
  • Open Alacarte, it should be named Main Menu
  • Uncheck all boxes under Debian
  • Enjoy your lovely duplicate (and ugly-icon) free Gnome Shell application menu

Ahh, that's so much better


Hopefully others will benefit from this knowledge, and use it wisely =D




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4 responses »

  1. MB says:

    This worked perfectly! Thank you

  2. Paco P. says:

    Hmm, that’s interesting. Did you uncheck the individual applications themselves or just the folders? Unfortunately, Alacarte doesn’t let you uncheck all of the applications in a folder just by unchecking the folder. Let me know how that works.

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