Finally got my hands on Pinguy!

I was intrigued by Pinguy when I first heard of it, so I decided to give it a download and try it out.  After an hour or so, installed it to a USB stick using Unetbootin, and restarted my laptop.

The boot sequence was pretty uneventful, although it was nice to see the boot screen animation (I haven’t seen a good one since Linux Mint trashed theirs =( ).  In about a minute,the Pinguy desktop had opened in front of me.  I was pleased by the instant conky setup (I love conky and seeing it pre-installed and not needing tedious and frustrating configuration was immensely pleasing to my heart.), as well as the slick wallpaper.

I spent a few minutes in the live session just exploring. Installation using Ubiquity was pretty straightforward; after the installation process completed, I rebooted, logged in, and was greeted with this screen.

The default desktop

To my annoyance however, opening the overview via hot-corner has been disabled  (Update: A recent update has fixed this.  Overview can be opened using the hot-corner).  Hitting the super key worked, but it was still slightly peeving.

Opening the application picker brought to light a staggering amount of apps:

That's a lot of apps...

I won’t list all of them here (that would take a while), I will say that notwithstanding the amount of pre-installed apps, the system is still rather fast.

The notifications extension didn't help me out much...

Annoyingly, enabling the notifications extension reduced the clock and user menu into meaningless dots.

And the Libreoffice icon was annoyingly blurry.

To my surprise, Pinguy didn’t mess with my bootloader (BURG), although annoyingly enough, it listed itself as another Ubuntu 11.10.  The problem was that I already had an Ubuntu entry so there was some confusion there.

I really like the docks and Conky, as well as the sheer amount of pre-installed Gnome Shell extensions.  Some of them are Cardapio app menu, the unofficial system monitor extension from the Webupd8 PPA, and Gpaste.  They’re all pretty nice and having Gnome Tweak Tool as a shortcut on the bottom dock made it easy to swap them in and out as I wanted them.

I didn’t think I needed quite as many apps as were installed, but they don’t really hurt in anything other than disk space.  Some of them were actually rather useful, such as Dropbox, XBMC (as well as an XBMC session), Y PPA Manager, and Bleachbit.  The login sounds were actually pretty nice as well (I’m a sucker for a good sound theme).

Pinguy is reputed to be a good beginners distro, along with the likes of Linux Mint.  It’s many preinstalled apps certainly help there, although applications such as Bleachbit might not be the best choice for curious beginners…

Info is right on your screen, and there’s almost no hassle to get your favorite apps up and running.  I would have appreciated Synapse pre-installed, but I guess you can’t have everything.  Other than that, Pinguy is really great for those who want a great out of the box experience.


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  1. Christian says:

    Where can you get that update that restores the hot corner? Do you have to change some config file?

    There is a tweak mentioned in several forums (deleting /usr/share/gnome-shell/extensions/windowlist\ ), but that shows the infinity logo, too. I just want cardapio + hot corner. I hope the update you mention does this…

    (Of course I already have installed all available updates.)

    Thanks for any hint/help!


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