Axiom Elementary is going pretty well, aside from some issues with several features I had planned.

Most notably, I’ve been issues with the panel’s appearance.

In the default configuration, the panel looks excellent.  I dissected some other themes and modified it personally to produce a wingpanel-ish panel.

Default Panel

However, when using Move Clock or a similar extension, the border remains for the center section, which results in a rather annoying white bar.

When using Move Clock or similar extension

When using Cinnamon, the borders stay on the bottom, which results in an ugly panel.


So, solutions!

  • Do away with the wingpanel effect entirely. – would probably be the easiest solution, but one that seems rather disappointing.
  • Change the border color/transparency – this one may be plausible, but would result in some inconsistency with the message tray and popup menu borders.
  • Have different theme versions – This would allow me to keep the original effect, but it would increase the end user’s work load, as they would have to change the theme each time they changed certain settings.

Ah well, I’ll figure something out.  Making themes is so much fun!



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