So I was skimming through some of Brent Stubbs’ posts on (which by the way, is an awesome site from what I’ve seen so far), and I found this link to a most amusing quiz.

Answered the questions (to the best of my understanding) and voila!

You are Origen!

You do nothing by half-measures. If you’re going to read the Bible, you want to read it in the original languages. If you’re going to teach, you’re going to reach as many souls as possible, through a proliferation of lectures and books. If you’re a guy and you’re going to fight for purity … well, you’d better hide the kitchen shears.

Check out Origen, Prayer, Exhortation to Martyrdom for more information on Origen.

Cool =D.  My mom actually got the same result as me, which is hilarious.

To take the quiz, hit the link here.


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