Been testing Unity 5.2, and saw something strange in the new shortcut overlay (which is actually pretty nifty!)

Super + Cursor Keys??????!?!?!?!??!?!

Hmmm, so apparently Ctrl + Alt + Cursor Keys is no longer default.


Well I suppose it makes sense, and hopefully, the shortcut itself will be configurable via CCSM (if it isn’t purged from the official repos that is >_< ).  Grrr, can’t really contemplate that though, I hate inconsistency, and if I do change the shortcut back to Ctrl + Alt + Cursor Keys, I shall thereafter be peeved whenever ^that^ pops up.

It’ll be kind of weird though, after all, I have spent the past two years using Ctrl + Alt + Cursor Keys, but it might be interesting to try it out. Good thing I’ve got Courage Wolf rooting for me…


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