Me.  Hmmm. . .  Me.

Mwahahaha, suffice it to say that I have an obsession with Catholicism, books, and the medieval age.  This volatile combination results in a rather strange person.  Me!

Yes, I am rather eccentric.  And geeky.  And I’m supposedly something that’s called a realistic idealist.  I’m something of a contradiction.  I’ll let you figure it out. . .

This blog is dedicated to nothing.  It is intended to be a simple place for me to write whatever I want, when I can write it.  I may be writing about Linux, Mac and PC; I will probably have some posts about weapons; and I will most definitely have many posts about Catholicism and (of course!) G.K. Chesterton.  I will also most likely be writing about my personal experiences, and perhaps may even throw in some history/school stuff.

I don’t know, I suppose that I will write about it when I come to it. . .

Until then,

– Paco


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