This’ll probably be quick, because it’s late and I need to get up early tomorrow, but anyways, day two of ambidexterity training and I can definitely see improvement (although it might just be the fact that I’m using lined paper now. . .).  I’ve also tried writing upside-down, and I’ve noticed that I’m able to space those letters a lot better than if I write right-side-up.  The tactical advantages of learning to read and write upside-down are also enormous, but I won’t say anything about what that might be useful for here (*mwahahaha*).  Okey dokey, better get to sleep now

Wolfrunner out, (I really need to find a better moniker.)

– Paco


About Paco

#RomanCatholic | #ProLife | #Homeschooler | #EagleScout | #Arrowman | Life philosophy: Adventure!; +AMDG+; Ad Jesum Per Mariam

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